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We are so honoured to be hosting our amazing Digital Mum on our blog today. Read about how Becky propelled myTamarin to new heights!

Hello, my name’s Becky. I’m a Digital Mums student on the Social Media Marketing Associate Programme. On this programme, we get to work with a business and yep, you guessed it, I was lucky enough to be placed with myTamarin.

Becky is a #DigitalMum who ran a social media campaign for @myTamarin
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My who?

Well, if you’re reading this you know who myTamarin are of course. But, we Digital Mums students aren’t given anything other than our Programme Partner’s contact name and business name at the start. So, when I received my eagerly-awaited email from Digital Mums letting me know who my Programme Partner was going to be:

“myTamarin?” I thought. “A monkey sanctuary? A restaurant… maybe…?”

A quick Google search led me to myTamarin’s beautiful Instagram feed and I was instantly hooked. I absolutely loved the heart-warming concept of ‘parenting together’ just as tamarin monkeys do.

myTamarin's inspiring and heart-warming story appeals to mums and mums-to-be
myTamarin’s inspiring and heart-warming story appeals to mums and mums-to-be

What I’ve been doing with myTamarin

After a 6-month course of lessons and assignments, the Programme Partners generously allow us Digital Mums students to take over their social channels to put into practice everything we’ve learned so far. For the last 8 weeks, I’ve been running a live campaign.

A summary of the campaign

Our campaign was to raise brand awareness by reaching out to pregnant ladies and new mums to position the business as a friendly community and definitely not just ‘another childcare agency’.

Guided by my Digital Mums mentor, we agreed the channels best suited to our brand awareness goal and to engage with our specific target audience are Instagram and Twitter.

Zarja had already made a wonderful start to building a strong presence on Instagram and has curated the all-important consistent and inspirational feed of beautiful images.

Good aesthetics are an important element of Instagram strategy
Good aesthetics are an important element of Instagram strategy

Twitter is the network for daily conversation, inspiration, collaboration and information. myTamarin had no previous presence on Twitter at all, so it was an exciting prospect to start from scratch.

It’s a content-led campaign, with the overall theme of Zarja’s personal experiences of early motherhood to tell the brand’s story, which we believe resonates with many mums of new-borns.

To the brand as a credible and trusted resource, I curated and shared content that our target audience would be interested in, such as: pregnancy fitness and nutrition; preparing for birth; nurturing relationships during pregnancy and early parenthood; places to go / things to do for parents in London; tips and information on breastfeeding, baby sleep, weaning; post-natal depression etc.

C’mon, cut to the chase!

Ok, so here are my five top tips based on my own observations and experience with social media for a small business since immersing myself in it for 6.5 months:

  • It takes a lot more than a few clever posts over 6 weeks to make a real impact. Social media is all about community and building an engaged and relevant community takes a while. It’s a never-ending journey of discovery and learning. Patience is a virtue.
  • K.I.S.S. D’know you this acronym? ‘Keep It Simple Stupid’. You don’t have to be too clever on social and it doesn’t have to be perfect. People buy from people – be yourself, be authentic and if you can be appropriately witty, all the better.
  • Engage, engage and engage some more. It’s all about the comments. Likes on their own aren’t enough. Find you voice and be brave – invite conversations, join conversations, share conversations. The more you do this, the easier it becomes and before you know it, your community is building. Relevant Tweet chats and Twitter Hours are not only fun but also a great way to network and build a community.
  • Remember your manners. Sharing great content is a major part of any social media strategy. Now, my mum brought me up with impeccable manners, which has served me well in all areas of my life. And it’s critical for social media too. When I share someone else’s content, I tag the @author as well as the @source publication and it pays off – they thank me for my share by retweeting or @mentioning me right back. Do this with key influencers in your industry and your @name is then shared with all their followers too. Bingo! (Thanks Mum!)
  • Content is king. I’m aware this is a somewhat ‘grass roots’ kind of statement as there are many different factors, such as exploiting loopholes in the platforms’ algorithms and other such useful hacks but I just wanted to end on this note: from the 8 weeks of my campaign, my most popular Instagram post by far in terms of engagement and organic reach was this one by @official_twinmum:
Best performing photo of Becky's campaign for @myTamarin
Best performing photo of Becky’s campaign for @myTamarin

It’s not beautifully shot, it hasn’t got the best composition or styling but it made people smile and importantly, it was relevant and trending. The 142 likes and 24 comments weren’t due to a captivating caption, the content of the image caught attention and enticed people to engage. The more they engage with your posts, the more people Instagram will show them to. Orange babies’ bottoms for #nationalpumpkinday Gotta love it!

So that’s it from me other than I’d like to take this opportunity to publicly thank Zarja for being such a great Programme Partner. I have learned so much from working on myTamarin’s channels and I’m grateful for her consistently warm, encouraging feedback and constructive criticism (and especially for the tips and hacks that don’t come with the course ;). You rock Zarja!

PS: Tamarins are monkeys who parent in family groups, and they inspired Zarja to found myTamarin. Come on, take a peek at how it all started and read myTamarin story.

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  1. Brilliant blog post! I learned a lot more about both My Tamarin and Digital Mums – both amazing concepts. And you are obviously doing a great job at social media and have a lovely personable writing style!

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